Gabriella has been working with clay for over a decade. Her passion stems from the innate properties of clay, namely its malleability & versatility. This capacity for adaptive change offers her endless opportunities. immerLit explores her fascination with the interplay between porcelain, translucency and light. Her work aims to capture this natural beauty.

immerLit is conceptualized around porcelain, a ceramic material comprised of naturally found minerals. The use of porcelain dates back thousands of years and has played an integral role in many nations' histories. While formulas have been perfected and manufacturers have come to mass produce everyday porcelain goods, the material remains naturally beautiful and unlike any other clay body.

Every immerLit piece is individually designed and handcrafted with distinct aesthetic qualities both with and without the presence of light. Modern in their 'complex simplicity', immerLit porcelain is customizable - from size, to shape, to glaze color. immerLit offers this exciting, alternate & rare use of porcelain as a way to elegantly illuminate indoor spaces.