Custom Orders

Collaboration is an integral part of the custom design process. Working directly and closely with clients allows immerLit to create unique statement pieces fit for specific spaces. All immerLit fixtures are customizable; from size to shape, to glaze color and to hardware finish. Every piece of immerLit porcelain is individually handcrafted, sans moulds, allowing for both major and minor adjustments to existing forms. In some cases, smaller models may be built first for design approval. 

Studio visits are always welcomed to gain a better understanding of the material, process and possibilities. Please contact directly to set up an appointment [].



immerLit ceiling fixtures are UL approved. immerLit recommends that you always consult a licensed electrician regarding the assembly or installation of immerLit products. immerLit is not responsible for how the items you have purchased are used or how they have been assembled for any project.

immerLit table lamps are completed with UL approved components, including a rotary switch and polarized plug. Simply plug in to any wall outlet. 

When adjusting any immerLit porcelain against hardware, please do NOT overtighten.

All fixtures are designed for use with LED bulbs (included). Should you prefer to use an incandescent bulb, please use no more than 40W.


Care and Cleaning

Porcelain is a durable material when handled with care. Be cautious when handling the porcelain. While heat will not damage or visually effect the material, over long periods of time, the porcelain will become extremely hot to the touch and potentially dangerous.

To clean your porcelain, please wipe with a dry or damp cloth only. Please do not use any cleaning solvents. Due to the fragile nature of porcelain, please exercise care when cleaning.


Trade and Wholesale

Please contact directly to inquire about trade discounts or brick + mortar wholesale opportunities.



immerLit takes great care in packaging all porcelain strategically and carefully. Most small orders will ship via FedEx. For larger fixtures, shipping will be arranged on an individual basis. 

For orders in the Boston or New York metropolitan areas, please contact immerLit and hand delivery may be arranged.



Please contact directly [] for fixture orders. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required upon ordering. The remaining balance is due prior to shipping at the conclusion of the specified lead time.


Return Policy

Please select products carefully as they are not returnable. Impeccable care has been taken to ensure that every product is structurally sound. Please accept any visible imperfections on the surface as an homage to the natural beauty of porcelain and handcrafted work.

If you're unsure about glaze color or hardware finish, please send an email requesting samples.


Damaged Porcelain

Please notify immerLit immediately [within 3 business days], by email to with subject line "BROKEN ITEM", should any products break during shipment. We will endeavor to replace such broken items within a reasonable time at no additional shipping or handling costs, so long as the original product is immediately returned to immerLit.